Senior Character Artist

The Senior Character Artist will work closely with the Art Lead/Studio Art Director to create high quality and efficient character models and textures across various projects and styles – ranging from cartoony to realistic – for console, PC and mobile platforms.

Essential Job Functions

  • Create high poly sculpts, low poly models and textures for characters per the project needs
  • Investigate and test optimal approaches for each platform that hit the highest quality within the given project requirements
  • Understand what the Art Lead requires for the project then research, develop and implement solutions in engine
  • Research current techniques used and utilize most relevant processes
  • Manage other character artists and outsourcing
  • At least 5 years of experience in a similar role
  • Experience with Maya or equivalent modeling program
  • Experience with ZBrush or equivalent high poly sculpting programs
  • Unity character and material experience is a must
  • Experience with Substance Designer, Substance painter or equivalent software
  • Ability to create or work off specific character concepts or provided reference
  • Ability to assess big suggestions and come up with creative solutions
  • Work with the team to define the character pipeline for both unique characters and modular, in-game character editors
  • Understanding of how animators will work with the character to make strong modeling choices
  • Work with Tech Art to find solutions for elements such as hair and cloth
  • Ability to keep a clear and consistent schedule
  • Strong communication ability
  • Provide estimates for project planning and scoping
  • Inter-department work with Engineering, Design and Production as needed
  • Understanding of bug fixing and investigation
  • Ability to rig and skin a character model a plus
  • Unreal character and shader experience a plus
  • Character concept art experience a plus

Any degree or certification in Art or equivalent work experience.

Materials Required: Candidate should provide portfolio of art that they have created or directed and a resume detailing the projects/studios that they have been a part of.