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  • SoccerDie Game Overview


    SoccerDie is the best retro arcade, bullet hell, sports simulation game on the market. Probably.

    ATTENTION PEOPLE OF EARTH! Stop what you're doing and download the exciting mobile port of the 8-bit console hit that never existed... for FREE.

    The peaceful planet of Earth has been invaded by evil aliens! The Zorn Empire wants nothing more than to conquer and enslave every planet they come across. Yikes! Now it’s up to you to defeat the aliens and save the world through the power of Earth's most popular sport: soccer.

    WARNING: We're legally obligated to inform you that this game is ridiculously hard, and that if we were you, we'd just give up now.

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  • Features

    •  One finger controls
    •  2000+ lbs of enemies
    •  Nine challenging rounds
    •  100% of your daily soccer
    •  Post top scores to Facebook
    •  Sweet GameCenter cheevos
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