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    Gems of War Update 2 Arriving Soon on Xbox One & PS4


    We are very excited to announce that the new patches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be rolling out over the coming days!  PS4 should be live later today (December 16, 2015), with Xbox One coming a few days later, as we are currently finishing up all things submission-related with Microsoft!

    To give you a preview of what's contained in it, here is the complete change log.  It's not just bug fixes, either... there are new changes and improvements to what you are already enjoying! 

    Thank you for playing Gems of War!

    New and Updated Features:

    • Arenas: You are now given a choice between three Epic weapons for your Hero at the start of Arena mode! You can also purchase the Troops you get in Arena mode if you win at least three rounds.
    • Main Menu: Invade and Defend buttons have been merged into a new PVP menu. 
    • Main Menu: News button added to bring up the News window.
    • Main Menu: Hero portrait now shows Armor bonuses. 
    • New PVP Menu: This menu shows your stats for PVP victories and defeats and has three buttons: Invade, Revenge (formerly known as Defend), and Defenders (sets your Defense Team). 
    • Troops Menu: This menu has been completely reworked! Banners have been changed to Teams. Players are awarded 1 team every 10 levels. Teams can have their banner set to any Kingdom you have unlocked to provide different bonuses. Legacy accounts should have the number of teams that they had banners, even if they do not meet the level requirements. We have also added sorting by mana color, kingdom, and type!
    • Hero Menu: This menu has been given a new layout. Mana bonuses are at the front now and are broken out into individual and Guild bonuses. 
    • For a small fee (in-game Gold currency), players can now view their opponent's team prior to battle!
    • We added a tutorial message to explain the Kingdom/Main Menu mode button. 

    Bug fixes for all platforms:

    • Troop card border art has been changed to look better.
    • We now prevent the user from backing out of the Treasure Map minigame while the award animation is playing. Even though they were still being awarded, it felt like they were not. 
    • Fixed a bug where a crash could occur when Disenchanting if you had large numbers of troops. 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when you leveled up after a battle and were awarded a new weapon (due to increasing a mastery with certain tasks also completed at the same time).  
    • Fixed the Task for "Win a battle with 3 troops from {kingdom}", which was not awarding gold appropriately. 
    • Fixed the Task for "Use X treasure maps", which was not awarding appropriately. 
    • Fixed a spelling error in the "Make a purchase with gems" task description. 
    • Various other in-game text issue fixes.

    Xbox One-specific bug fixes:

    • Fixed Mentor Achievement unlocking prior to fulfilling the criteria. 
    • Fixed placeholder characters for the in-title Store currencies when the console language and location settings are set to the following release combinations: 
    • English/Czech Republic 
    • Polish/Poland 
    • Portuguese/Portugal 



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